BBC Micro related stuff

The BBC now appears to also be starting to enter the 'emulator frenzy', and many good WWW sites with details exist.

There are also a lot of more specific sites of people's experiences, information and customisations.

Some of the most useful sites are:

Stardot Forums

Mirror of Acorn FTP Site

The BBC Lives! - sadly gone, but the data files exist here, and the pages are also on here as they were in February 2013

Chris's Acorns

Beeb Master


Beeb Wiki

Sprow's pages

Retro Clinic

Jon Welch's pages

Econet Enthusiasts Area

Andrew Benham's pages

Body Building articles

8BS BBC and Acorn Info site

Neil Fazakerley's "Stealth Master"

ARM Evaluation System pictures

CJE Micros Econet and Ethernet card sales

There are a few resources I've recently generated and uploaded myself. These are:

Patch to make ADFS 1.30 work with IDE hard disks

Patch to make ADFS131E00 work with IDE hard disks

Utilities ROM to make SRAM and BUILD/DUMP etc work on non-DFS B/B+

Alternative procedure for upgrading a B+ 64K to 128K

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